After I posted my 1st blog I felt sick…I actually had to turn off my phone and close down my computer because I was fearful that people would automatically start to judge me.

Wow…I was so wrong

As it turns out the response to my group and Facebook page has been amazing. So far many wonderful parent bloggers and parent organisations have taken me under there wings and helped me spread awareness of what I am doing. By retweeting my blog post and sharing on Facebook I have had quite a lot of contact with other organisations also wishing to support me.

I thought it would only be fair if I give an update on what is happening.

Looks like my Recovery Mummy support group meet ups launch will be happening sooner than expected. I have had a good chat to Gareth (business partner @café junior) and it looks like the launch afternoon will be at café junior sometime in December. I have a lot of planning to do now, I need to make a logo and I still really need more awareness out there so I can reach more parents who may need support.

I have had email contact with Mums in the Know and it looks like they will be doing a spotlight article about my group soon….SO EXCITED!!

But for now I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who is showing me that there is compassion and support out there…Big shout out to…

Recovery Cymru and Inroads offering help and support they both are organisations who have helped me in the past during my own recovery.

Lucy (coordinator) from Cardiff and Caerphilly NCT branch has been brilliant re-tweeting and sharing my posts.

Cardiff mummy says (Blogger) has been a diamond with raising awareness on Facebook and especially twitter!

Emily Higgins (Blogger) has welcomed me in to her blogging world also.

Find me on Facebook at: and follow my story.

“Be Proud – Not Stigmatised”



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