New Years Eve will be here before we know it and New Years resolutions will be the topic of most peoples conversation come New Years day.

Last year my New Years resolution was to give up Nicotine replacement…yep you read right giving up nicotine replacement. I had currently been hooked on the quick mist spray for a year and a half and now wanted to stop it as my stop smoking councillor was now refusing to give me anymore on prescription.

I decided to give up smoking not long before I fell pregnant with my second child, I tried cold turkey but after daily arguments and episodes of agitation I felt my mood swings were to much to bare and went to a stop smoking councillor though my doctors.

My stop smoking councillor  decided that I needed a fast acting nicotine replacement after smoking 30 a day for the last few years. This spray was great! I actually cut down my daily cigarette intake by half in the first day! By day three I was solely using the quick mist spray and feeling more positive about giving up smoking.

I had seven weekly appointments and then given 5 weeks worth of nicotine replacement therapy so 12 weeks in total to give up smoking and the replacement therapy.

When the 12 weeks was up I asked my doctor to put the sprays on repeat prescription as I was finding it really difficult to give up. I was depending on the sprays and would smoke again if I could not get it. My doctor agreed for a short while but said I needed to come off them soon.

A year later I was still hooked, I really tried so hard to stop but the fast acting spray was so addictive! I would even spend £19.00 on one spray that would only last me three days, smoking would have cost me less at this point.

Enough was enough at a year and a half into my addiction to nicotine replacement I decided to call the smoking councillor again.

Upon this meeting I was told that the spray can be very addictive, especially to those who have had issues with alcohol in the past! I was told that there job was to get me off cigarettes and not the replacement therapy, but in this case they would try to help. I was then told to use patches for 12 weeks to wean off the spray starting on the highest level of nicotine patch and then going down to the lowest level patch. I put the patch on and instantly my arm started to itch and my skin became hot to touch, I was allergic to the patch!

That evening I decided I would go cold turkey again and it would be my New years resolution. Yay! I’ve almost made it a year without my quick mist spray.

A warning to all, if you do decide to try the quick mist spray…yes it stops you smoking cigarettes but beware of the quick mist addiction!

Anyone else have this problem with quick mist??

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