Where do I begin on my three year olds strops! Yesterday if you had seen me walking back from nursery with my three year old and baby in the pram you would of thought Id lost my mind!

It all started when we left nursery, my LO likes to go on an adventure though the bushes to the front gates of the school, I don’t mind this usually as he finds it fun and I can have a chat to other mums at the school, yesterday however it had been raining and the grass was wet and muddy.

Before I knew it LO  was sliding through the mud trying to keep his balance and splat! He gets up covered in mud…his shoes, coat, jeans and face was covered in it. I couldn’t help myself but let out a laugh, that was until I realised I am the mummy and its my job to soak them clothes and bath him once we get home.

My son wasn’t fazed by his ordeal until he noticed his new coat was covered in mud and this is when my lovely little three year old become a threenager !

I asked him to get on the buggy board as we would miss our bus, NO…he replied, I asked can you keep up with me then, NO…he answered then he started to scream out…I WANT A TREAT!!!!

Hell no was he getting a treat, I began to put his reigns on and with this he started to get really stroppy and then covered me in mud too!

Then the baby woke up because of LOs screams and stropping, it was lunch time and baby was hungry. I started to pick up speed and thought I might just make that bus after all….but no. LO then decides to freeze, I am there pulling on the reigns, baby is screaming now for his lunch and LO is still shouting…I WANT A TREAT!!

I am about to lose my mind so I then pick him up and start to carry him whilst pushing the pram, buggy board still down catching my legs and mud all over my face…I must of looked a right state, I had a few looks lol.

We miss the bus and its taken us 45 mins to walk a 10 min walk. We wait for the bus and eventually get home.

As soon as we enter the house my muddy LO starts shouting about the treats again and spots a candy cane on the tree…before I know it I hear crash and bang, the Christmas tree is flying across the room!

Tinsel, candy canes and baubles are everywhere! The baby is having fun with the decorations and LO is there munching on a candy cane.

I had had enough…I ran a bath for LO and put on his favourite DVD  to try and distract him from this awful behaviour. It worked, he got clean and started to behave again only problem now was I had to redo the Christmas tree (4th time I’ve done this)

Because of his bad behaviour we missed his school fare, he literally drained me and I was far to tired. When will this behaviour stop!!

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