Christmas is upon us and Santa’s are out in force but where to take my boys this year?

Well I tried to book us tickets to see the big man himself at Cardiff castle but when I called the hotline to book our tickets I was surprised to find they had already sold out, I then asked would they be adding anymore dates to which they told me they already had…this was the beginning of November.

I don’t have the biggest budget in the world so wanted somewhere that was fun and enchanting for my child but easy on my purse. I looked at Hamleys and was gobsmacked at the £25 per child price tag. I’m not saying its not worth it and I’ve read great reviews about it but for me personally you have got to be mad to spend that much especially if you have more than one child.

Two years ago we went to Santa’s Grotto on Queen Street, it was nicely decorated but it just seems to be after your money. You can’t take your own pictures, the pictures they take are poor and overpriced. You only get 5 minutes with Santa and a gift that breaks before you get home…so unhappy children too.

So back to my search for Santa, there are many craft fairs and school fairs that will put on a Santa’s Grotto, only problem here is the time you get to spend with Santa can be limited.

I was very nearly about to go to Penylan community centres Santa’s Grotto, we went there last year and for £5 the kids loved it but then I saw a tweet from Café junior saying they were putting on a grotto and it was only £2 per child.

We arrived and straight away my boys knew where we were. I then told them that Santa was visiting and if they were lucky they could meet him too! Once inside my eldest son forgot about Santa and started to play, my LO joining in. There was Christmas tunes playing and a craft table was set up, lovely Nicola (Staff) was helping the children make Christmas cards.

The atmosphere was great, everyone was enjoying the music and coffees, many families were enjoying meals and drinks…it really was a joy to be there.

My youngest was a little scared of Santa but that was to be expected he’s only 15 months. My three year old was amazed by Santa in his Grotto, he sat next to Santa and said what he would like for Christmas. Santa gave my boys a present and some sweets. We were in the Grotto for some time and took many photos even my mother, sister and brother-in-law got to see my little ones visiting Santa.

After our meeting with Santa, he came out of the Grotto and started dancing to the Christmas songs everyone joined in and even Olaf and Elsa was there dancing too. We all had such an amazing time and didn’t want to go home. Café Junior made everyone feel welcome and provided a great Santa’s Grotto.

So to sum everything up, I really don’t think you have to spend a fortune taking the little ones to see Santa… they are just happy to meet him, whether that be at a lavish or expensive venue or in a supermarket. Santa is Santa and every child deserves to meet him.

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