On Tues I went to my first ever school Nativity as an adult and I was very blessed that it was my 3 year olds Nursery Nativity!

E hadn’t given much away in the run up to the play, the teachers had let us know that it was going ahead and that costumes would be provided. I asked E a few times…what part do you play in the Nativity and he would just say ‘jingle bells’

I wondered if it would be a traditional Nativity as a few of my friends  who have older children said that schools usually put on an alternative version to the traditional Baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph story.

I did however have my suspicions that it would be a traditional Nativity as E kept telling my friends, family and strangers that he does not want to go back in his Mummy’s tummy.

So the day of the Nativity and my Husband, Mum, Sister and Brother in law decided to come with us too. The play was to be out in the garden by the stable but because of the rain the play was performed in the school hall.

The school did a great job decorating the stage. The hall was packed full of parents and family members all excited to see the show.

My E was a cow from the stable and he looked like he really enjoyed himself. He was singing and dancing and had the biggest smile ever on his face when he saw that everyone had come to see him perform.

I was so proud of my little man, I actually had tears of joy watching him on stage dancing away.

Well done to my sons nursery teachers for getting all the kids to perform so well, that must of been a hard job. The songs were great and we all enjoyed ourselves. I would like to wish my sons school a very Merry Christmas.

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