Been so busy with Christmas I forgot to write a post about Recovery Mummy’s Christmas party!

The Christmas Party marked the first Mummy and Me play group meeting at Inroads on Neville Street.

Mummy and Me play-groups are aimed at pregnant women, parents and family members who have been affected by addiction or disorders we also welcome parents and children who have not been affected as we are trying to stamp out the negativity most recovering parents feel.

I was overwhelmed with the amount of parents and children that turned up. I was also surprised and thankful that two lovely ladies wanted to volunteer to help me put the buffet together and clean up after.

We had music, food and watched Frozen on the big screen whilst playing with toys. Santa (My Husband) popped in and gave the kids some sweets. We all had a great time from 15 months to adults there was something for everyone and we all had fun.

A documentary photographer was also at the Party taking great shots, she will be following Recovery Mummy around for a while so updates will follow.

Play-group at Inroads Neville Street will be every Wednesday 1-3pm

Ely/Caerau Hub will be Every Tuesday 1-3pm starting  in January

please get in touch via


Follow Me- @recoverymummy #recoverymummy


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