My wales online article response & my work with BDRN

An article about my struggle and recovery from postpartum psychosis was published by Wales Online last night. Article can be found here –

I was asked to consider the article after I had been having a chat with someone from BDRN (Bipolar research network) and NCMH (National centre for mental health) and they had read my Blog post about postpartum psychosis.

Firstly I would like to thank everyone for there support and kind words. I was nervous when the article was put online but the article is true to what I have said and I think the response it is getting will really help raise awareness of addiction, mental illness and postpartum psychosis.

I was diagnosed with bipolar at 20 and I didn’t admit it to anyone for a while, however I did start having contact with BDRN and I wanted to help with research. At 20 years old I had a research assistant come to my home, take a blood sample and then give me questionnaires. At the time I think I wanted to see if they could help with my condition as I was calling it. I was considered quite young at the time to have been diagnosed with bipolar.

I actually remember many saying it was rare to be diagnosed so early on and that I must of had an understanding doctor to refer me to relevant services so young. As it goes my doctor at this time had a family member with Bipolar and do feel this helped me to get help early.

I took part in a Bipolar Education Programme in Cardiff back in 2011 the course facilitators John Hyde and John Tredget were really good at delivering this course. I met with some lovely people and I kept in touch for a while or until I was to suffer another episode then I stopped the research and didn’t talk with the friends I had just made and grown to really appreciate.

After years of rapid cycling bipolar and years of self hate I become pregnant and felt amazing. After I had my first born I became ill with postpartum psychosis here is that blog post link –

I recovered from this and then began my research with BDRN again. Christine Fraser came to my home and we discussed what I had been up to for the last few years, postpartum psychosis and then how I can help now.

I have started True Colours mood monitoring system with BDRN they send me an email weekly with a questionnaire to see how my moods are affected week to week. This is confidential. It is  also quite good to monitor my moods at home.

I will be continuing research with BDRN for as long as I need to. At present I am training constantly to become the best support worker I can be, my specialist subjects are substance misuse, pregnancy and mental health. I love to study so who knows what I will be studying in the near future 🙂

Right now Recovery Mummy has started working with Recovery Cymru on a project that we hope will be up and running really soon. I am at present conducting research for a parents in recovery self management course and will be running a mother and baby group from Canton within the next few weeks…this group is only suitable for bump to 18 months as we don’t have the space for happy toddlers running about just yet, however this wont be for long.

I will be emailing relevant organisations with the research questionnaires this week coming.

Recovery Mummy Raffle Event will be at Café Junior on 5th March from 1pm, all money raised will go to funding the research and starting the baby group. Café Junior has supported me right from the start when I was jotting my ideas down in my butterfly journal. Gareth at Café junior was the one to mention having a mums meet up at the venue so I will always be very grateful to them for boosting the start of Recovery Mummy.

Here is the link for Café Junior event –

Lots more plans and events are in the pipeline but you will have to keep watching 🙂

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Strictly No Crocs… My sons book review

Wow mummy a book about crocodiles! Crocodiles are naughty, will the crocodiles in this book be naughty like in Peter Pan??

I was really excited to read my new book Strictly No Crocs by Heather Pindar, my favourite DVD at the moment is Peter Pan so anything to do with pirates and crocodiles gets my attention.

This book is about a zebra having a birthday party and inviting everyone to the party but not the crocodiles.

The crocodiles decide to sneak into the party so they can eat everyone! The crocodile dress in disguise so no one will notice them.

At the party the crocodiles start to have lots of fun, they play on the bouncy castle and play pass-the-parcel. They sing happy birthday to zebra and then go home. They have fireworks and then the party is over. The crocodiles are sad to go home, I get sad when I have to leave parties too.


On the way home the crocdiles say what a great time they had and then they realise they didn’t eat everyone!

Don’t worry crocodiles you have Giraffes party next week!

I loved the pictures in this book and I liked the funny clothes the crocodiles dressed up in to go to the party. This book really kept me interested and I enjoyed reading it with my mummy.

Book written by Helen Pindar and illustrated by Susan Batori.

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Vincent Van Tots (Cardiff)

Today my 15 month old son and I attended Vincent Van Tots Sensory Arts and Crafts at Canton community hall in Canton, Cardiff. I had been looking for something fun for Mummy and Harrison time so started searching on Facebook.  I was instantly drawn to  Vincent Van Tots .

Sensory art class was just what I was looking for. My little one has already shown he has an artistic flare so I started to follow Vincent Van Tots on twitter and booked Harrison for the next class.

Vincent Van Tots is owned and run by Laurie. Laurie set it up as she was looking for something for her own children other than messy play.

At the start of the class we all sat down and Laurie read The very hungry caterpillar  we then went on to do art and crafts that were themed to the book.

Harrison had a lovely time and we both got really messy, I do think my three year old son would have enjoyed it more simply because he is older and understands more.

Harrison really did enjoy the sensory parachute at the end and the balloons filled with things to make noises. We took home some lovely artwork to show Daddy and Ethan, Ethan said he wants to go next time!

Vincent Van Tots takes place every Thursday 1.30pm – 2.15pm at Canton Community Centre.

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Harrison had a free session for this review

Professor McQuark and the Oojamaflip (review)

Yipee!! My new books have arrived today.  I open the parcel and pick out the first one I would like to read.


Professor McQuark and the Oojamaflip grabs my attention straight way. I like the inventor on the front page, the book is also blue which is my favourite colour.

The book is about a professor who makes an invention and then takes that invention to the science fair…the invention she makes is to big to fit through any of the doors at the science fair so the professor has to park it in the car park. Everyone comes out to the car park at the end of the story to see the Oojamaflip.

I like the inventor in the book because she is funny, she wears odd socks and only one shoe…I point this out to my mum on every page. The book is really colourful and the pictures are really good. I was a little disappointed that the book ended so quickly I wanted to read more. Mummy thinks the book is great for any child into wacky science and inventions.

Professor McQuark and the Oojamaflip by Lou Treleaven and Julie Patton

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My Child Has Asthma!! Advice and Facts

Imagine being paralysed by fear as you struggle to breathe, unable to speak, unable to ask for help. That’s what an asthma attack feels like.

My 3 year old son and I have Asthma, I was diagnosed at 23 although there is a strong family history of Asthma in my family mine was never picked up on . I do remember struggling at sports in school and always making an excuse to skip the lesson as I knew when I ran I would get out of breath to quickly and this would cause a panic attack (or so I thought)

After I started to be treated for asthma I began to exercise and now I am a fitness enthusiast. I take Seretide (purple inhaler)and have recently been put on montelukast tablets, I always keep a Ventolin on me.


The main symptoms of asthma are:

  • wheezing (a whistling sound when you breathe)
  • shortness of breath
  • a tight chest – which may feel like a band is tightening around it
  • coughing

Children, parents and asthma

  • One in 11 children has asthma and it is the most common long-term medical condition.
  • On average there are three children with asthma in every classroom in the UK.
  • The UK has among the highest prevalence rates of asthma symptoms in children worldwide.
  • Asthma attacks hospitalise someone every 8 minutes; 185 people are admitted to hospital because of asthma attacks every day in the UK (a child is admitted to hospital every 20 minutes because of an asthma attack).

My son has recently been diagnosed with  Asthma, he started to show symptoms around 18 months. He would get of breath quickly at soft play and then start to cough, occasionally he would be sick with the coughing. Around this time I mentioned it to my doctor who said lets kept an eye on it. By the time he was 2.5 years he was waking most nights coughing to the point of being sick, he was getting extremely short of breath when he was unwell. He then had a chest infection this is when the doctor put him on ventolin (Blue inhalor) At age 3 my son was put on Clenil (brown inhaler) to which he takes twice a day we use a child’s spacer.


My sons asthma is under control now and we have regular appointments with our asthma nurse.

There are many factors that can trigger an asthma attack, they can be found here

You’re having an asthma attack if any of the following happens:

  • Your reliever isn’t helping or lasting over four hours
  • Your symptoms are getting worse (cough, breathlessness, wheeze or tight chest)
  • You’re too breathless or it’s difficult to speak, eat or sleep
  • Your breathing is getting faster and it feels like you can’t get your breath in properly
  • Children may complain of a tummy ache.

Don’t be afraid of causing a fuss, even at night.

What to do in an asthma attack

The following guidelines are suitable for both children and adults and are the recommended steps to follow in an asthma attack:

  1. Sit up straight – don’t lie down. Try to keep calm.
  2. Take one puff of your reliever inhaler (usually blue) every 30-60 seconds, up to a maximum of 10 puffs.
  3. If you feel worse at any point while you’re using your inhaler or you don’t feel better after 10 puffs or you’re worried at any time, call 999 for an ambulance.
  4. If the ambulance is taking longer than 15 minutes you can repeat step 2.

For more information please go to

You can also call Asthma Uk Helpline on 0300 222 5800 (Mon – Fri; 9am-5pm) to speak to an asthma nurse specialist

If you think you or your child has asthma don’t dely…Book an appointment today!

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Are these really a size 10!!!

I went shopping today for ME!!

I never get to go into town and spoil myself, I always end up seeing something for the boys and by the time I’ve finished shopping for them I want to go home.

My wardrobe consists of supermarket leggings, jeans, strappy tops and cardy’s…I call it the Mum look. Today was different, I had a few gift cards for Christmas so decided to venture into town and try out H&M.

The last time I shopped in H&M I was unmarried and had no children, the clothes were great and were always a perfect fit.

Today they were not so perfect and defiantly not a good fit! I don’t know what’s happened its like everything has shrunk in the tumble dryer…I’m sure the clothes were never this small?? Maybe something happened when I was busy getting married and having children…maybe I gained 2st over Christmas without realising?!

I was actually shocked that my usual (size 8) jean size could barely get over my thighs! I tried the size 10 hoping that these would be a better fit and thank god they were.

I decided I would buy the jeans as they were just what I was looking for but I’m still baffled at how small the clothes in H&M are!

Its not a good advertisement for young women seeing these tiny clothes and then the labels making you think that your actually bigger than you are is really not good (wrong labelling) I felt like I needed to go on a diet after shopping there.

What do you think about this? Do you think high street stores are making clothes smaller or using wrong labelling?

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DIY Daddy Blog

New Year, New You..Gym & Junior

So its 2016 and most of you I’m sure have set yourself some New Year goals. The usual ones are giving up smoking, making more time for family, losing weight and getting more active.

Getting out and about is easy but what if you want to start using a gym or start having fitness classes for motivation when you have young children

Gym and Junior is the answer!!

Gym and Junior is a Gym located above Café Junior on Fanny Street in Cathay’s. The Gym is well equipped with modern equipment which include exercise bikes, rowing machines, treadmills, cross trainers a punching bag, ropes and a weight training area.

Gym and Junior is like no other Gym, its in a relaxed environment with no wall mirrors so you really can feel at ease. Gym and junior also have a child-friendly shower and changing room.

The added bonus of Gym and Junior is the play-zone for your little ones. The play-zone is in eyes view and there is a gym worker on hand to keep an eye on your children too. There is also fitness equipment for children age 4-8 years to use.

With your gym membership you can take advantage of

  • Gym use
  • FREE unlimited gym classes
  • FREE induction
  • Regular members-only events
  • Small group classes
  • A play area within the gym if you’d like to bring children (but you don’t have to have kids to join!)
  • Supervised play sessions for the kids
  • A wash and blow dry at Funky Little Chickens
  • Offers and discounted rates with partner organisations


Fitness classes include Pilates, Zumba, Boxercise and Leg Bums and Tums. A full list of classes can be found on the website below

So start 2016 off the healthy way and check out Gym and Junior.

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