Good morning 2016!

So as you all know I’m a recovering alcoholic so drunken nights and partying are a thing of my past. New Years Eve is still a pretty hard day/night for me and I do feel I get quite moody and short with people…I don’t mean to do it. I think how I grew up New Years celebrations were about getting wasted and New Years day was the hangover day.

I have found that over the last few years I have noticed this moody behaviour around New Years celebration’s so I tend to avoid parties and going out New Years Eve night. I would much rather take my children out for New Years eve day instead.

This year we went to Cardiff Winter wonderland and New Years Fayre.


We had been to winter wonderland every year before but this year was different. We went on the ice! My 3 year old had never been ice skating before so I was a little worried about him falling over…and me for that fact.

We got our tickets and ice skates on ready to have some fun. The hubby decided to look after our LO so didn’t have a go on the ice.

Ethan was sliding everywhere so we had to hire a penguin pal for him to hold on to this made it easier for us to skate around the open ice rink.

After skating…and not falling lol we bought some hot drinks and had a look around the fayre. E went on some rides alone and  I joined him on some other because I really am just a big kid at heart. Baby H went on one too and he really loved it.

My hubby is not into the rides so he opted for the shooting game which he won E a minion toy. I was really surprised that he didn’t miss a shot! Never knew he could shoot like that haha.

After our fun at the fayre we went for a Mc Donald’s lunch and headed home.

We all really had such a great day, so much better than going out on the town New Years Eve night and waking to a new year hung-over and tired.

I woke this morning fresh-faced happy and ready to say…

Hello 2016…what’s in store for us this year!

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