I went shopping today for ME!!

I never get to go into town and spoil myself, I always end up seeing something for the boys and by the time I’ve finished shopping for them I want to go home.

My wardrobe consists of supermarket leggings, jeans, strappy tops and cardy’s…I call it the Mum look. Today was different, I had a few gift cards for Christmas so decided to venture into town and try out H&M.

The last time I shopped in H&M I was unmarried and had no children, the clothes were great and were always a perfect fit.

Today they were not so perfect and defiantly not a good fit! I don’t know what’s happened its like everything has shrunk in the tumble dryer…I’m sure the clothes were never this small?? Maybe something happened when I was busy getting married and having children…maybe I gained 2st over Christmas without realising?!

I was actually shocked that my usual (size 8) jean size could barely get over my thighs! I tried the size 10 hoping that these would be a better fit and thank god they were.

I decided I would buy the jeans as they were just what I was looking for but I’m still baffled at how small the clothes in H&M are!

Its not a good advertisement for young women seeing these tiny clothes and then the labels making you think that your actually bigger than you are is really not good (wrong labelling) I felt like I needed to go on a diet after shopping there.

What do you think about this? Do you think high street stores are making clothes smaller or using wrong labelling?

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8 thoughts on “Are these really a size 10!!!

  1. I used to work in H&M and we had to wear their jeans but they were terrible, so ill fitting – either too long and fit the waist or waist too big and fit the leg! The Divided (young) clothes are way smaller than the Hennes (women) clothes so it does make you feel upset if you think you’re one size and the shop tells you you’re different. Every shop must use a different size template and I think certain shops would prefer their clothes on slimmer people perhaps for their images so their clothes are made smaller. Jean shopping is just a nightmare though 😭

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