Wow mummy a book about crocodiles! Crocodiles are naughty, will the crocodiles in this book be naughty like in Peter Pan??

I was really excited to read my new book Strictly No Crocs by Heather Pindar, my favourite DVD at the moment is Peter Pan so anything to do with pirates and crocodiles gets my attention.

This book is about a zebra having a birthday party and inviting everyone to the party but not the crocodiles.

The crocodiles decide to sneak into the party so they can eat everyone! The crocodile dress in disguise so no one will notice them.

At the party the crocodiles start to have lots of fun, they play on the bouncy castle and play pass-the-parcel. They sing happy birthday to zebra and then go home. They have fireworks and then the party is over. The crocodiles are sad to go home, I get sad when I have to leave parties too.


On the way home the crocdiles say what a great time they had and then they realise they didn’t eat everyone!

Don’t worry crocodiles you have Giraffes party next week!

I loved the pictures in this book and I liked the funny clothes the crocodiles dressed up in to go to the party. This book really kept me interested and I enjoyed reading it with my mummy.

Book written by Helen Pindar and illustrated by Susan Batori.

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