An article about my struggle and recovery from postpartum psychosis was published by Wales Online last night. Article can be found here –

I was asked to consider the article after I had been having a chat with someone from BDRN (Bipolar research network) and NCMH (National centre for mental health) and they had read my Blog post about postpartum psychosis.

Firstly I would like to thank everyone for there support and kind words. I was nervous when the article was put online but the article is true to what I have said and I think the response it is getting will really help raise awareness of addiction, mental illness and postpartum psychosis.

I was diagnosed with bipolar at 20 and I didn’t admit it to anyone for a while, however I did start having contact with BDRN and I wanted to help with research. At 20 years old I had a research assistant come to my home, take a blood sample and then give me questionnaires. At the time I think I wanted to see if they could help with my condition as I was calling it. I was considered quite young at the time to have been diagnosed with bipolar.

I actually remember many saying it was rare to be diagnosed so early on and that I must of had an understanding doctor to refer me to relevant services so young. As it goes my doctor at this time had a family member with Bipolar and do feel this helped me to get help early.

I took part in a Bipolar Education Programme in Cardiff back in 2011 the course facilitators John Hyde and John Tredget were really good at delivering this course. I met with some lovely people and I kept in touch for a while or until I was to suffer another episode then I stopped the research and didn’t talk with the friends I had just made and grown to really appreciate.

After years of rapid cycling bipolar and years of self hate I become pregnant and felt amazing. After I had my first born I became ill with postpartum psychosis here is that blog post link –

I recovered from this and then began my research with BDRN again. Christine Fraser came to my home and we discussed what I had been up to for the last few years, postpartum psychosis and then how I can help now.

I have started True Colours mood monitoring system with BDRN they send me an email weekly with a questionnaire to see how my moods are affected week to week. This is confidential. It is  also quite good to monitor my moods at home.

I will be continuing research with BDRN for as long as I need to. At present I am training constantly to become the best support worker I can be, my specialist subjects are substance misuse, pregnancy and mental health. I love to study so who knows what I will be studying in the near future 🙂

Right now Recovery Mummy has started working with Recovery Cymru on a project that we hope will be up and running really soon. I am at present conducting research for a parents in recovery self management course and will be running a mother and baby group from Canton within the next few weeks…this group is only suitable for bump to 18 months as we don’t have the space for happy toddlers running about just yet, however this wont be for long.

I will be emailing relevant organisations with the research questionnaires this week coming.

Recovery Mummy Raffle Event will be at Café Junior on 5th March from 1pm, all money raised will go to funding the research and starting the baby group. Café Junior has supported me right from the start when I was jotting my ideas down in my butterfly journal. Gareth at Café junior was the one to mention having a mums meet up at the venue so I will always be very grateful to them for boosting the start of Recovery Mummy.

Here is the link for Café Junior event –

Lots more plans and events are in the pipeline but you will have to keep watching 🙂

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