Easter and Eating Disorders

Its that time of year again…Easter

Everybody over indulges on chocolate and anyone not eating an Easter egg at Easter is odd. They even sell lactose free and free from versions so there is no excuse.

I have been over my eating disorder for more than 5 years now however, there is something about the holidays that make me uneasy.

Chocolate on any other day of the year (except Christmas) don’t bother me, I will happily eat a milky bar without the feeling of guilt.

I think because of my past, Easter and Christmas will always be a little tough for me, not to say I wont eat sweets on Easter as I do but its still tough. It does get easier year after year though.

I have spoken to a few people today who are struggling with eating disorders and Easter, I just want to let them know that it doesn’t last forever, learn to love who you are and find support…there are many organisations and charities out there that can help.

I have had a lovely day out with family and although Easter is still a hard day for me I get through it and I have beat it.

For information on Eating Disorders  – https://b-eat.co.uk/

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