My Mum is there – Perfect read for Mothers Day

My Mummy surprised me this morning with two new books, the first book being My Mum is  there by Martin Thomas and illustrated by Ag Jatkowska.

This book is about you mum! Can we read it please, please…

The book is about a mummy elephant and a baby elephant. Mummy elephant is always there for the baby…just like my mum is for me. The mummy elephant is there to help baby learn, mummy elephant is always there when baby wants to explore, read books and look at stars. Baby is always learning new things and mummy is always there.

I really like the picture of the mummy elephant holding the baby elephant on the front cover, it makes me feel happy and loved. Every page my mummy read and turned I gave her a big kiss and hug because I know my mummy is there to help me learn and tuck me up in bed at night. This book really made me feel happy and  I loved the drawings of the moon and stars.

Mummy’s thought’s

This book was well written and beautifully illustrated. The book kept the attention of my son and I got lots of kisses and hugs from my little on as we read. A must have book for Mothers Day!

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Professor McQuark and the Oojamaflip (review)

Yipee!! My new books have arrived today.  I open the parcel and pick out the first one I would like to read.


Professor McQuark and the Oojamaflip grabs my attention straight way. I like the inventor on the front page, the book is also blue which is my favourite colour.

The book is about a professor who makes an invention and then takes that invention to the science fair…the invention she makes is to big to fit through any of the doors at the science fair so the professor has to park it in the car park. Everyone comes out to the car park at the end of the story to see the Oojamaflip.

I like the inventor in the book because she is funny, she wears odd socks and only one shoe…I point this out to my mum on every page. The book is really colourful and the pictures are really good. I was a little disappointed that the book ended so quickly I wanted to read more. Mummy thinks the book is great for any child into wacky science and inventions.

Professor McQuark and the Oojamaflip by Lou Treleaven and Julie Patton

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Rain – By Manya Stojic (Ethans Review)

Rain- By Manya Stojic

First thing I notice about my new book is the front cover. On the cover of the book it has a monkey and rain drops. The rain drops are raised and I really like the feel of them, the raindrops are soft and smooth.

The book is about  savannah animals in a hot dry season waiting for a storm, its so dry even the ground is cracking. The animals start to feel, smell and see the storm coming, the porcupine smells it first and tells the Zebras who then see a lighting bolt and goes to tell other animals. The rain comes and it rains, rains and rains till it stops! when the rain stops everywhere is green and the ground is now soft not cracked and dry.

All the animals are happy now, they can drink from the water hole and eat fresh fruit from the trees…this makes me really happy. The animals can even rest in the shade of the trees if they get to hot again.

I really did enjoy this book, mummy enjoyed this book too! Mummy thinks this book was great for getting my imagination and senses to run free.


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