Professor McQuark and the Oojamaflip (review)

Yipee!! My new books have arrived today.  I open the parcel and pick out the first one I would like to read.


Professor McQuark and the Oojamaflip grabs my attention straight way. I like the inventor on the front page, the book is also blue which is my favourite colour.

The book is about a professor who makes an invention and then takes that invention to the science fair…the invention she makes is to big to fit through any of the doors at the science fair so the professor has to park it in the car park. Everyone comes out to the car park at the end of the story to see the Oojamaflip.

I like the inventor in the book because she is funny, she wears odd socks and only one shoe…I point this out to my mum on every page. The book is really colourful and the pictures are really good. I was a little disappointed that the book ended so quickly I wanted to read more. Mummy thinks the book is great for any child into wacky science and inventions.

Professor McQuark and the Oojamaflip by Lou Treleaven and Julie Patton

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New Year, New You..Gym & Junior

So its 2016 and most of you I’m sure have set yourself some New Year goals. The usual ones are giving up smoking, making more time for family, losing weight and getting more active.

Getting out and about is easy but what if you want to start using a gym or start having fitness classes for motivation when you have young children

Gym and Junior is the answer!!

Gym and Junior is a Gym located above Café Junior on Fanny Street in Cathay’s. The Gym is well equipped with modern equipment which include exercise bikes, rowing machines, treadmills, cross trainers a punching bag, ropes and a weight training area.

Gym and Junior is like no other Gym, its in a relaxed environment with no wall mirrors so you really can feel at ease. Gym and junior also have a child-friendly shower and changing room.

The added bonus of Gym and Junior is the play-zone for your little ones. The play-zone is in eyes view and there is a gym worker on hand to keep an eye on your children too. There is also fitness equipment for children age 4-8 years to use.

With your gym membership you can take advantage of

  • Gym use
  • FREE unlimited gym classes
  • FREE induction
  • Regular members-only events
  • Small group classes
  • A play area within the gym if you’d like to bring children (but you don’t have to have kids to join!)
  • Supervised play sessions for the kids
  • A wash and blow dry at Funky Little Chickens
  • Offers and discounted rates with partner organisations


Fitness classes include Pilates, Zumba, Boxercise and Leg Bums and Tums. A full list of classes can be found on the website below

So start 2016 off the healthy way and check out Gym and Junior.

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Rain – By Manya Stojic (Ethans Review)

Rain- By Manya Stojic

First thing I notice about my new book is the front cover. On the cover of the book it has a monkey and rain drops. The rain drops are raised and I really like the feel of them, the raindrops are soft and smooth.

The book is about  savannah animals in a hot dry season waiting for a storm, its so dry even the ground is cracking. The animals start to feel, smell and see the storm coming, the porcupine smells it first and tells the Zebras who then see a lighting bolt and goes to tell other animals. The rain comes and it rains, rains and rains till it stops! when the rain stops everywhere is green and the ground is now soft not cracked and dry.

All the animals are happy now, they can drink from the water hole and eat fresh fruit from the trees…this makes me really happy. The animals can even rest in the shade of the trees if they get to hot again.

I really did enjoy this book, mummy enjoyed this book too! Mummy thinks this book was great for getting my imagination and senses to run free.


Review done on behalf of Primary Times online magazine.

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Juniors Family – Friendly dining

If you have not been to café junior after dark then you really are missing out.

As evening draws in Café junior is transformed into a welcoming restaurant that anyone would want to dine at, however if you have children this place really is the place to be.

We have all been there, wanting to have a nice relaxing meal with the other half or simply going out with friends for a meal and not being able to get a babysitter…why not try Juniors Family-Friendly Restaurant located within Café junior on Fanny Street in Cathays.

With it being Christmas my husband and I decided to go out for a meal with our friends Samantha and Karl. We also wanted our children to come out for our Christmas meal so we all decided to try Juniors.


As we entered the restaurant we were welcomed by our waitress for the evening Nicola, Nicola very politely asked us what we would be drinking and dashed off to get the drinks. Juniors have an Alcohol licence so my husband had a glass of red, Karl and I had a cola, the kids had a jug of squash and Samantha had a glass of Prosecco which came in a champagne flute along with a strawberry …very posh indeed.

Our table was very festively decorated, we even had Christmas crackers!

Our children ran off to play in the play-zone as we looked at the menu and decided on what to eat. The children were in eyes view so we all could relax and enjoy some adult conversation without the worry of the children not being safe.

The menu really has so much choice and there is also a Christmas menu you can view online. If you would like to order off the Christmas menu then it is best to call ahead so the chef knows. We decided to go for the regular menu as we all fancied a burger meal.

The kitchen is run by Gareth who has been working in the hospitality industry for over 20 years he is also a business partner of Café Junior . Gareth has help from May who also has over 20 years kitchen/food experience.

Gareth and Me


All burgers are 100% Angus beef, they are served with a brioche bun with chunky potato wedges and roasted vine tomatoes.

My husband had the Blue burger which was topped with onion rings and covered in a creamy blue cheese melt.

My friend Samantha had Hunters burger which was topped with smoky BBQ sauce, crispy bacon and melted cheese…you could have this with the 100% Angus beef or with chicken breast.

My friend Karl had the all the same as the Blue burger but with regular cheddar cheese melt instead.

I am the fussy eater of the group and I asked Gareth if he could do me a skinny chicken burger…no oil, no dressing just salad, chicken and a bun. He said no problem and this is what I had.

My meal was beautifully presented, it was fresh, hot and smelt so good! Its quite rare for me to get a meal that isn’t covered in oil after I specifically asked for none, so when I received my meal I was pleasantly surprised that it was exactly what I asked for. The chicken burger was mouth watering good, the brioche bun was soft and tasted so much nicer than a sesame seed bun. The vine tomatoes were cooked to perfection, sweet and very moreish. The salad was by far the best salad I think I’ve ever had! It was crunchy, the lettuce leaves had life (unlike other places) everything was fresh as the day bought. My salad had onion, cherry toms, onions, beetroot, avocado and even pomegranate! So delicious I even tried the balsamic sauce that was in a separate container and again that was beautiful too.

My three year old had Toddler Tapas as he never sits still so I though this would be the perfect meal as its a selection of finger foods and small bites. He had cheese tortilla chips, tortilla chips with tuna mayo, strawberry, avocado and chicken bites amongst other healthy finger foods.

My friends son Carter-Jay had spaghetti Bolognese with hidden veg and my friends other son Martin had Sausage and chips even though it was not on the menu, again Gareth showed us he was very versatile when it come to our meals.

My 15 month old had a bit of everyone’s and he particularly enjoyed the Spaghetti Bolognese and Toddler Tapas.

Our meals were so filling we didn’t get a dessert we just sat back, relaxed and planned a family holiday for next year whilst our children tired themselves out in the play-zone.

I really do urge parents to try Juniors Family-Friendly Dining, its nice to enjoy a meal without worrying what your children are up to or if they are safe. If you do decided to book a meal at Juniors you can do so by booking online, calling or going into Café Junior.

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I wrote this review as I truly think Juniors Restaurant really is a great friendly place with really good food.

Santas Grotto…Cafe Junior

Christmas is upon us and Santa’s are out in force but where to take my boys this year?

Well I tried to book us tickets to see the big man himself at Cardiff castle but when I called the hotline to book our tickets I was surprised to find they had already sold out, I then asked would they be adding anymore dates to which they told me they already had…this was the beginning of November.

I don’t have the biggest budget in the world so wanted somewhere that was fun and enchanting for my child but easy on my purse. I looked at Hamleys and was gobsmacked at the £25 per child price tag. I’m not saying its not worth it and I’ve read great reviews about it but for me personally you have got to be mad to spend that much especially if you have more than one child.

Two years ago we went to Santa’s Grotto on Queen Street, it was nicely decorated but it just seems to be after your money. You can’t take your own pictures, the pictures they take are poor and overpriced. You only get 5 minutes with Santa and a gift that breaks before you get home…so unhappy children too.

So back to my search for Santa, there are many craft fairs and school fairs that will put on a Santa’s Grotto, only problem here is the time you get to spend with Santa can be limited.

I was very nearly about to go to Penylan community centres Santa’s Grotto, we went there last year and for £5 the kids loved it but then I saw a tweet from Café junior saying they were putting on a grotto and it was only £2 per child.

We arrived and straight away my boys knew where we were. I then told them that Santa was visiting and if they were lucky they could meet him too! Once inside my eldest son forgot about Santa and started to play, my LO joining in. There was Christmas tunes playing and a craft table was set up, lovely Nicola (Staff) was helping the children make Christmas cards.

The atmosphere was great, everyone was enjoying the music and coffees, many families were enjoying meals and drinks…it really was a joy to be there.

My youngest was a little scared of Santa but that was to be expected he’s only 15 months. My three year old was amazed by Santa in his Grotto, he sat next to Santa and said what he would like for Christmas. Santa gave my boys a present and some sweets. We were in the Grotto for some time and took many photos even my mother, sister and brother-in-law got to see my little ones visiting Santa.

After our meeting with Santa, he came out of the Grotto and started dancing to the Christmas songs everyone joined in and even Olaf and Elsa was there dancing too. We all had such an amazing time and didn’t want to go home. Café Junior made everyone feel welcome and provided a great Santa’s Grotto.

So to sum everything up, I really don’t think you have to spend a fortune taking the little ones to see Santa… they are just happy to meet him, whether that be at a lavish or expensive venue or in a supermarket. Santa is Santa and every child deserves to meet him.

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